Welcome to my new blog (and new website)!

As you may or may not already now, I used to write as Amelia Swan. When I was at the RWA conference this summer, I had an epiphany: my name was too gimmicky and my stories were a little too porny. I’ve opted to write as Lisa Hahn instead, and I’ve re-edited two of my previous works to reflect my new brand and style. Both Wrestling With Summer and Drawn Together are currently available on Amazon. The stories are basically the same; I just made a few tweaks here and there to tailor the books to match the stories I plan to put out going forward.

I also have a few other books in the works. A Dream Come True will be out on October 20th, and Pulled Apart (the sequel to Drawn Together) will be out on December 1st. You can read a little bit about both on the bookshelf section of my site.

I’m gearing up for a super productive 2016 and am hoping to get a bunch of new books out there for everyone to read. I have a few more things that I’m working on, and I hope to have an update posted about them soon.

Lisa (fka Amelia)

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